How to remove corpses of creature in XP farm in Starfield

In Starfield, one of the ways for XP farming is to build many animal husbandry buildings within an outpost and to kill the creatures. As you know, Starfield doesn’t remove the corpses rapidly, as a result, you might observe your PC generates loud fan noises as CPU and GPU work so hard or get Starfield ended abnormally. I also tried to remove the corpses by sleeping long, moving to other planetary systems, and so on. But I failed to achieve it. Unfortunately, I also failed to find a cheat command to do it.

The easiest way to remove the corpses I found was to build multiple outposts having many animal husbandry buildings, in my opinion, around 25, on a planet. Once an outpost covered with amount of the corpses, only you need to do is to change your outpost. e.g. Outpost1 -> Outpost2 -> Outpost3 -> Outpost1. You’ll find your ‘refreshed’ outpost when you moved to others. I guess Starfield has limited memory spaces to keep the status of outposts. Total size of memories to keep your multiple outposts on a planet might exceed the limit. I operates three outposts on a planet, total # of buildings is around 75 as XP farm. Enjoy!


で、見つけた最も簡単に生物の死体を削除する方法は、惑星にたくさんの動物飼育施設、私見では25ぐらい、を持った拠点を複数作る方法。1つの拠点が死体でいっぱいになったら、別の拠点に移動するだけ。例:拠点1 -> 拠点2 -> 拠点3 -> 拠点1。他の拠点に移動すれば、死体がほぼない「きれいな」拠点になってるはず。想像でしか無いのだけれど、Starfieldは拠点の状態を保持するメモリ領域に限りがあって、1つの惑星に複数の拠点があると、そのメモリーが制限を超えちゃうんじゃないかと。自分は1つの惑星(ピラース)上で3つの拠点、動物飼育施設は全部で75、を経験値稼ぎに使ってる。やってみて。